Brand: RSW
Product Code: 2018-A0001
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Price: 2,390.00€

All is CNC´ed from Aluminum, oxidised and painted.
The Hudblock can be disasembled with all the screws and put together again, so it will be easy to open it and put your electronics inside.

Modular design – we started off simply trying to keep the cost and price low. But later we discovered not only does it saves everybody money, but it also provides us with unprecedented flexibility over cast process. Modular configuration allows us to replace individual parts at a tiny fraction of the cost required by a new mold. It’s a big save for both the iteration of the product itself, and the manufacture model of maximum customizability. Everybody wins. This is our original idea, and we are proud of it. 
All coverplates you can remove and wire your cables like the real one and mont the covers again.

There are some add on packages for it, like Hudcam, Hudsensor, Hudglass (plexiglass), Mounting bolt system between the hudblock and the Fishbowl and replica colimator glass + Fishbowl, Snout system and the hudblock support bracket.

This is a very special and unike part for our simulator, but man it looks good.
So if you want to take your simulator to a new level and only the best is good enough then you have the option with this piece here.

1. Mounting real HUD glass
There’s room for a bracket made out of POM plastic. We can tailor the dimensions to fit any HUD glass (or we can build a generic ring with durable elastic material to fit any HUD glass).

2. Mounting HUD block to a fishbowl
The front face is a separate part. Give us the dimensions on the fishbowl you have, and we can customize corresponding dimensions for you. 

3. Mounting a real HUD cam
We are confident that our current dimensions on this part is already correct. But again this is also a separate part, so you can take measurement of your own cam to make sure. This is also customizable.

Full painted and delivered in a wood box.

Note that the hudblock is made in Metric, that meens that all the threads is metric (millimeters).


Aluminium High quality
Kurt Andersen on 2018-07-14 03:07 PM
BadASS Hudblock in full metal
Van on 2018-07-14 07:17 PM
My love..................
Rufus on 2018-08-05 07:54 PM
A truly INCREDIBLE metal replica of the F-16 HUDBlock!
Leech on 2018-08-05 08:57 PM
There is the real thing, and then there is this. I love the "access doors", removable collimator glass housing rings,and access to the internal structure that will allow latter on add-ons. Premium quality.
nico on 2019-02-23 02:32 PM
The best replica part in my pit. So happy with !
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